Live from Liverpool Rare Vinyl Auction Highlights 9th March

February 26 2021

Hoping you’re all remaining well and warm. Thanks to all who tuned in to February’s mammoth two-day sale – some incredible prices achieved including a world’s best £10,600 hammer for a stupendously rare ‘Tinkerbells Fairydust’ LP.

Two exciting auctions coming up in March to tell you about, we’ll hold one of our twice yearly ‘Beatles Collection’ sales on the 23rd but before that we’ve got a jam-packed rare vinyl sale to shout about on the 9th March.

As we’re taking in more single-owner collections of incredible quality, you’ll see more of this type of smaller, more focused sale. This one is reminiscent in format to our famous ‘Live From Utrecht’ sales, though of course, they’d usually be both smaller in lot quantity, and in April.

Adnan’s really proud of this one, and there are some top rarities included so I’ll let him speak up about a couple: