Prog Rock

Progressive 'Prog' Rock

Progressive Rock, or 'Prog' came about towards the tale end of the 1960s as bands somewhat ‘outgrew’ the standard structure of a pop song, the rule book was thrown out of the window! Instrumentation became far more diverse, a single album (come on, how boring is that?) could become a double or triple effort, the musicians could really let loose!

As a broad genre (sub genres including the Canterbury Scene, Crossover Prog, Symphonic, Neo-Prog, Prog Folk, Jazz Rock/Fusion) we have a trove of high value records. Some of the ‘major’ artists who produced fine Prog offerings include Pink Floyd, Yes, Genesis, The Soft Machine, Hawkwind, Gentle Giant, Gong, Procul Harum, Ash Ra Tempel, Egg, Brian Eno, Indian Summer, King Crimson, Jethro Tull, Ark and Van Der Graaf Generator. Such artists recorded for labels such as (The Famous) Charisma (often the early releases with the ‘pink scroll’ label are the big ones), Vertigo (the just as famous ‘swirl’ label), Neon (RCA), Deram, Decca (including the Nova series), Harvest, Dawn and Ohr.

As is often the case with now ‘expensive’ records, the titles that we are seeing achieving the greatest prices are the ones that were printed in fewer number. Prog Rock is no exception. Though the music may not have originally been ‘appreciated’ when it was first penned, some records  (and indeed labels) have now achieved a cult status with some of the more ‘obscure’ titles trading hands for quite large sums of money. If you have any of the following records in your collection (or maybe you are lucky enough to find one for a bargain elsewhere), we will always be happy to give them a go in one of our specialist sales:

  • Dark – Dark Round The Edges (Sis Records SR 0102S)
  • Leaf Hound – Growers Of Mushroom (Decca SKL-R 5094)
  • Will Malone – Will Malone (Fontana STl 5541)
  • England – England (Deroy DER 1356)
  • Room – Pre-Flight (Deram SML 1073)
  • Stack – Above All (Charisma CRS 303)
  • Analogy – Analogy (Italian Prog on Dischi Produzioni Ventotto PRV LP 2204)
  • The Running Man – The Running Man (RCA Neon NE 11)
  • Fantasy – Paint A Picture (Polydor 2383 246)

Can’t find these? No worries, we can cater for all record collections that feature Prog in all its forms. There are plenty of ‘classic’ Prog titles that have, are and always will sell very well, so bring them on down!


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