African Music

African Music

It is somewhat of a task for this writer to describe the beauty of music from the African continent. From east to west, north to south, the peoples of African nations have been subject to a mass diaspora; they have been spread from their indigenous homeland, often involuntarily, and have been persecuted for their beliefs.

Their music has somehow not suffered, and it remains as rich today as its humble beginnings. I remember hearing Youssou N'Dour saying: "Music in Africa has always been a vehicle for social connections, discussions and ideas".

Here in Europe, African music has become commercially available through labels such as World Circuit, Soundway, Mr Bongo, Strut, Luaka Bop, Ubiquity, Awesome Tapes From Africa and Tru Thoughts. They have brought artists as William Onyeabor, Rob, Ali Farka Toure, Ata Kak, Oluku Imo, Mulatu Astatke, Orchestra Poly Rhythmo, Konkomoa, Dr K. Gyasi, Vis A Vis, Ebo Taylor, Gyedu Ambolley, Joe Mensah and C.K. Mann to a wider audience.

If you so happen to hold the original records from such artists, you could be sitting on a fortune! For example, Rob's 'Make It Fast, Make It Slow' LP was originally released on the fabled Ghanaian label Essiebons - a clean copy could set you back £500+, Gyedo Amobolley's wonderful LP 'Control' may cost the same amount, an original copy oft he iconic 'Chapter One' by Nigerian masters Blo can achieve more than £1000 whilst the stunning 'This Is Marijata' form the Ghanaian legends of the same name is as equally sought after.

We can unequivocally say that any record collection containing music by such artists will be hugely welcomed and treasured before being sold - Akwaaba!

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The Record that Launched the Beatles

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Elvis Presley Bible Complete with Handwritten Notes

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The Mike Mitchell Beatles Archive

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Rare Beatles Shea Stadium Photo Archive

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Elvis Presley - Russian Tsar Ring

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