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A History of Soul - The Stewart Tippett Collection

The Stewart Tippett Collection

Stewart Tippett was a true renaissance man with a passion for black music that began when he heard the bars of a Blue Note classic ('Kinda Blue' ...) down the corridor of the boarding school where he spent his formative years. Blagging a radio as a teen, he listened to Radio Luxembourg and American radio stations where he first heard early Motown, Stax and Atlantic artists.

The first record he bought was Tommy Tucker's 'High Heel Sneakers' on 45, quickly followed up by Marvin's 'Can I Get A Witness?' and the passion was ignited. Stewart maintained that anything seminal he learned was from the back of LP sleeve notes, most notably discovering Langston Hughes via a Nina Simone LP. He spent his youth at soul nights, soul weekenders and seeing live bands and immersed himself in the UK Soul, Jazz and Blues scenes throughout his life.

It was a love and passion that led him to leave a soundtrack of treasured memories for his children and other music lovers, of over 3000 classic albums.

He also co-founded the brilliant History Of Soul record label. History of Soul Records is a comprehensive series of double CDs chronicling the evolution of soul from its beginnings in the churches of the southern states through the dance halls of the chittlin' circuit, to the sophisticated supper clubs of the urban centres.

Stewart fully grabbed life with the same grit, love, passion and courage of many of his favourite soul and blues artists, all represented in the collection he left behind. He was a keen sax player and returned as an adult to education to gain both a BA in American Studies and a Master's in Modern (Black) History. Always a champion of the vulnerable, Stewart managed a residence for those with addiction issues, looking out for them and representing them when they were unable to do so for themselves.

He would be delighted to know that his vinyl collection will live on and will be played by fellow Blues and Soul lovers.

Karen, Sophie, Jasmine and Alexander Tippett.

Omega Auctions are delighted to be listing the collection for sale as part of our Soul, Jazz & Blues sale on 5th June (lot numbers 200 - 316) view catalogue